Ultimate Guide to a Winter Wardrobe

patagoniapatagonia 2

| Patagonia Pullover |


I wanted to make it easy for y’all to explore essentials for the Winter. I don’t know where y’all live but as you can probably tell I live in the south and the coldest months are December and January; what better time to spruce up your wardrobe?!?

This is a few things I have found that are perfect for the becoming season. These are things that I have and also things that I hope to buy. I tried to give a mix of a little pricey things and also affordable items.  I’ve organized these into different categories, and I’ll try to link some of the items to make it easy for you guys; Hope you like it!!


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Levi’s Sherpa Jacket (Urban Outfitters)

Luca + Grae Jacket

Luca + Grae Jacket #2


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Pink Turtleneck

Balloon sleeve pullover

Pink pullover

Altar’d State sweaters

Black & White sweater

Tops (perfect with cardigans)

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Altar’d State tops

Free People top

Free People Thermal Top

Other Items:

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Grey beanie (Barefoot Dreams is a little pricey but it is the SOFTEST thing you will ever feel)

AE beanies

checkered socks



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