Travel Bucket List

I have been many places in the United States and I’d say I have explored it extensively. I have probably been to almost every state or at least driven through it. I have never left the 48 contiguous states, which is quite ironic because my dad is a pilot! I want more than anything to explore the world outside my small town; here are a few places I’d love to see in my lifetime!!


Hikers Under the Northern Lights

blue lagoon

Everyone wants to swim in the blue lagoon and see the northern lights right?!? The top place on my list is probably Iceland. I find Iceland as a very unique place to have the opportunity to travel to. From what I’ve seen it is such a beautiful place combining astounding greenery and a mountain feel.

Venice, Italy


The closest I have come to seeing Venice is the replica of the city in The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Venice is a very unusual city which steers away from the lifestyle of roads and uses canals. The city seems like in a way it is floating and I would love to experience such a beautiful environment.

Sydney, Australia


sydney 2

Australia is one of those places you hear about but probably never thought about going to (at least for me). You can visit the Sydney Harbour and even see the one of a kind Sydney Opera House. Australia seems like such a cool and beautiful place to visit if you can conquer the flight.



Santorini seems so pure and full with endless beauty. Every picture I’ve seen of this place is like a fairytale. Here you can explore beaches formed by a volcanic history and explore ancient remains. There are endless things to do in this city that will take your breath away.

London, England


I have always wanted to just see the beautiful Buckingham Palace or the endless array of gorgeous churches London has to offer. Not to mention seeing the famous ‘Big Ben’ and the Tower Bridge.



Probably the biggest reason I want to explore Barcelona is to admire the gorgeous array of architectural details. The artistic designs of this city is fascinating to see just in the pictures. Barcelona also holds a popular market and many sections to explore.

Bora Bora

bora bora

Tahiti is such a beautiful place that brings the infamous over water bungalows and is a great destination for snorkeling. It is high on my bucket list to have the opportunity to stay in one of these famous amenities. You also get to enjoy the sight of volcanoes and of the astoundingly clear waters.

Machu Pichu

machu pichu.jpg

I believe it would be incredibly amazing to experience the lost city of the Incas. This magnificent piece of history is a once in a lifetime experience and I would like to be able to see that in my lifetime.

Bali, Indonesia


Bali is a place that provides a combination of history and beautiful sites to see. You get to experience volcanoes and also the many views its has to offer. The island also offers many temples to explore along with other historical sights.


Egypt. Cairo - Giza. General view of pyramids

Cairo is simply a place to experience a lot of the historical information you have gathered over the years in real life. We always read and learn about the famous pyramids and historical components of Egypt, but never imagine them in real life. It would be unreal to get to see these well-known sites in person.





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