Easy calligraphy hack

I know just as well as anyone that doing calligraphy or even just cursive in general is a difficult skill to perfect. I have enjoyed doing cursive over the years and was fascinated when I discovered how to do calligraphy. I wanted to share the easiest way I have found to do it by just using cursive. Keep in mind I know my writing is definitely not perfect and I am still working hard to make it as best as it can be. All this takes is a simple pen, no specific brush pens or anything else are needed.

Below is an image of just simple cursive writing that I believe most people learn how to do in elementary school. It makes your calligraphy look more ‘fancy’ I guess you can say if you give your writing more extra curves and just play around with it. It especially helps to add a tail on the end of your words to give it more detail.



After you write a word in regular cursive you only have one more step to make it look like calligraphy. On each downstroke in the word (whenever your pen would be going downward) you need to make that line slightly thicker. In the intense curves of the word you want to focus on making the same shape as the line appeared before, but just thicken its intensity. Below is the image of after I used this step on the word.


This is the perfect calligraphy hack for anyone who can’t quite master the use of the specific calligraphy pens. Those pens do take less time if you can figure out how to use them but I personally have just used this all the time. This also comes in handy if you’re using another medium of writing (ex: a dry erase marker or writing on a chalk board). This helps to make your writing nicer when you can’t use a calligraphy pen.


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