A New Year

I find the cliché statement “New Year, New Me” so typical that it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Honestly though, this statement is true for most people. So much goes on over the course of the year, and every person develops in some way after 12 months. Whether it is a small change or a big one, we all experience some difference.

During 2017 my life has been a roller-coaster ride. The year welcomed my sweet puppy into my life, gave me a new method of learning, and threw my health for a loop left and right. I cannot decide whether I despise the year or not because it provided me good and bad. Either way, it is in the past and will only be a memory now. Here are some good and bad moments of 2017 to recap, and now we welcome a new year for change!!


April 15th, 2017



Sadly, not much traveling occurred for us during 2017, but my version of a trip of a lifetime for now was our trip to Florida. This trip consisted of many firsts; a first time swimming with dolphins, first time seeing Kennedy Space Center, first time snorkeling, first time in Key West, and many more adventures!

June 12th, 2017


Our mini trip to the Outer Banks and Currituck Lighthouse was also a first for me. I had never seen a lighthouse or been in one before, so this was a unique experience. I got to experience the famous sand dunes for the first time and also see the site where Orville and Wilbur Wright took their first flights (a must for a pilot and his daughter).

June 25th, 2017


I have to say the best moment for my life during this past year had to be welcoming Toby into my life. Since the day I met him all he has done is provided me joy when I most needed it. Obviously, our spoiled 5-year-old pup was not too happy about this moment. Here’s to many more years with my ‘baby’ by my side.

December 21st, 2017


Here we take a jump in time because the rest of summer and the beginning of the school year isn’t all that exciting. For the months of October and November, I was in and out of the hospital for many different reasons. This year also consisted of relentless migraines and a sudden E. Coli infection. All is well now except for the awful headache that has yet to lift up. I am beyond thankful to be free of E. Coli today and trying my very best to live my life.

Here on December 21st, we finally brought together the joy of Christmas. Us 5 grandchildren had a Christmas sleepover and gift exchange. I love spending quality time playing board games and laughing over stories together.




I can say that I am more than happy to start off a new year and leave everything else in the past. Hopefully 2018 will consist of many changes for the good and new adventures. I hope you all have a wonderful 2018 and Happy New Year!




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