Office space makeover

Your office space is the key ingredient to bringing your work to life. Nothing is motivating about a dreary, unorganized space. I wanted to bring my work area to life by just giving it a special touch. My primary inspiration for this project was the mood board to show my style and colors. I apologize ahead of time for the amount of times I say ‘cute’ in this post.




I felt that the space was uncompleted and it is extremely obvious it is not organized. I had some good items to use, but they just weren’t placed together correctly. I have an antique bed and this desk was too modern for the space.



First things first, I wanted to get started on my mood board. I started to gather pictures to resemble the theme I wanted and it soon came together nicely. This is a great thing to establish the theme and color you’re going for. It also provides the space a more cohesive look–all these pictures are different in many ways but they come together in their colors .


I purchased this great wire photo board at World Market for $19.99! The rack comes with 7 unique clips to place pictures. I thought that $19.99 was a good price compared to the similar Urban Outfitters models for upwards of $40-$50. There was also a good option for this at Target that has squares inside instead of triangles but it was smaller (probably about half the size). That option was $9.99 and you could place two of those side-by-side, it just depends of if you prefer squares or triangles.


My first find in the Target dollar section was this “inhale|exhale” sign. I absolutely loved this for having in my work area and it was only a dollar. Sometimes you just have to remind yourself to take a deep breath.

Next I found the cutest selection of faux succulent plants; in sturdy ceramic pots may I add!! We are still in the dollar section folks. I purchased this little cutie for only $3. Yep, you read that right it was three dollars. They had a nice selection of faux cacti along with succulents in glass globes. If you’re like me you appreciate a good faux plant that requires no maintenance to look adorable.

The black and white notebook pictured above came in a pack of two, one black and white polka dots and the other floral. This was one of the pricier items at 7.99, but I personally think its worth it for these cute journals to use. They have similar cute notebooks at Rifle Paper Co. if you are searching.



A simple little addition I got was this cute stationary set. This was, once again, only $3 in the dollar section of Target. This especially came in handy when I ran out of the clips that came with my photo board. This set included three large, gold paper clips that I used in addition to the clips.



The last two extra items were this clipboard calendar and marble dry-erase board. First off, the marble dry erase board was $9.99 I believe and included two magnet and a marker. I like that this tied in with the gold finish of the photo board and gold mirrors.

The calendar clipboard was $3 in the dollar section. I especially like this item because it had a watercolor theme on each month that changes colors throughout the months.



I’m so happy to have this nice space to help provide me inspiration and motivation! Here is the final product and I couldn’t be more satisfied!! From the dry erase board illusion of marble to the simplistic and satisfying pictures, this is the perfect space for productivity (:





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