the meaning behind my blog name

Hannah. Clarke.

This is my name–Hannah is my name and Clarke is my middle name.

I recall times in elementary school where we would talk about our names and I wouldn’t reveal my middle name because I thought it was embarrassing. My middle name is not the typical “Marie” or “Elizabeth”. Who wants one of those typical middle names that only a million people in the world have too??

At first, my blog was known as “Hannah Everything” because I wanted to use my name but I didn’t have one of those ‘pretty’ middle names to include. Thank heavens I finally came to my senses and realized my name could be more unique. I felt that this would express me more and give my blog a more personal touch, which I hope it can develop.

Some of you may wonder “why on earth would your parents give their baby girl the middle name Clarke?!?”; well there was a reason. My family always makes fun of me saying “you were supposed to be the boy” and this is true. Yes, my parents were hoping and praying to get a boy as their last child, but they got me. They wanted to pass on this middle name from my grandfather and dad. This name has lived on for generations and I just might continue it.

Your life isn't yours if you constantly care what other people think.

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Let this be a lesson that you shouldn’t care what people think. You live your life for you and that doesn’t have anything to do with the people around you. I can be a hypocrite on this subject sometimes because I struggle with ignoring other people too.  Whenever you encounter this just recall the question “did I ask for your opinion?”.

Anyways enough of the long tangent, my point is that this name might not be the typical ‘cute’ name but it is unique to me. That’s the only opinion that matters, right!?!


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