What’s in my purse?

Today I am going to do the typical ‘what’s in my purse’ post but I thought it would be interesting. The items that I keep in my purse are kind of different because my parents are divorced and I have to take a lot of things back and forth to their houses. This basically means that I have small important things (that I don’t have two of) that I keep in my purse so I won’t forget them. Without further ado, let’s get into it (:


First off, a little background on my purse which I actually just got recently. I usually carry around my kavu cross body bag but I wanted a ‘real purse’. I stumbled upon this cream-colored bag at T.J. Maxx and it is GREAT. For those who don’t know, T.J. Maxx has purses/bags from Michael Kors all the way down to like $20 purses. This specific bag was a random brand for ONLY $25 which I was surprised about personally. It is really great quality, has two separate straps, and has an adorable inner lining. Enough of that rant…now for whats actually inside my bag.


The first thing is somewhat random, but this goes along with the fact I need stuff for moving between houses. I carry my beanie and a pair of gloves because it’s obviously winter and I aways forget specific things like this. I mainly use this for really cold days when I am walking my dog.



I am not a makeup collector by any means, so I have few lip products🤷🏼‍♀️. The thing that I desperately need most of the time is chapstick or vaseline. This vaseline is great because it’s an extra mini jar that barely takes up any space. I also like to carry one of my only lipsticks, the Sephora lip stories lipstick in shade “A Little Magic” (matte finish). I just carry this because I never know when I will wear it so its nice to have it handy.



This may sound bad but I have just started carrying hand sanitizer in my bag. I started to notice how nasty your hands can feel after being in a lot of public places. This hand sanitizer was probably like 99 cents honestly. This also comes in handy because it is flu season and ya girl had the flu FOUR TIMES last season; so were gonna try to prevent that better this time.



I used to be a person that hated sunglasses and I am actually extremely picky about what sunglasses I get. This is because some sunglasses can make everything look tan or green or something which I get scared is going to affect my driving. I’m scared of this because I feel like they keep me from seeing things so clearly. I like this pair because they just tint things and don’t change color appearance.


I also carry my laptop between houses and then always forget the charger; typical Hannah. I also always forget my phone charger; if you can’t already tell: I am very forgetful. It is just nice to have a phone charger with you all the time wherever you go.



Another thing my mind likes to forget is hair-ties. No matter how many I buy of these things I always manage to lose them. It is pretty rare for me to manage to have multiple hair-ties and a scrunchie. I usually try my best to at least bring one hair-tie with me…even if it’s the one in my hair.



I love doing calligraphy and my go to for doing this is my calligraphy pens from Kelly Creates. I keep these in my purse because I only have this one set of three and I will definitely leave something as small as a pen behind. I also usually just have a pen in my purse cause ya never know when you might need one I guess.



Last but not least, this is just expected I guess but I carry my wallet and my keys in my purse. I don’t know what I can explain about this but I love this motivational key chain that you can get here.


Hope you guys liked this post and enjoyed the different things I showed!

Have a great day!!



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