55 things before I die

This is the start to a list of things I want to accomplish before I die–AKA my bucket list. Yes I know that a lot of these items are really..out there I guess..but I want to accomplish every single one of them. Maybe I’ll check all these off by the time I’m 50 or maybe i’ll finish before I die; but there’s no time like the present. These things can be thrilling while also making me uncomfortable, but as Yes Theory would say: seek discomfort.


  1. see a tornado
  2. see a volcano
  3. go to an abandoned place
  4. see the Northern Lights
  5. travel all over Europe
  6. travel to the Bahamas
  7. travel to Bora Bora
  8. see Mach Picchu
  9. visit pyramids in Egypt
  10. visit Africa
  11. go back to Rocky Mountain National Park
  12. visit San Francisco
  13. go to the Museum of Ice Cream
  14. go to a black sand beach
  15. go back to see my childhood home
  16. stay in a boutique hotel
  17. see the Eiffel Tower during the day & at night
  18. visit Easter Island
  19. see the Golden Gate Bridge
  20. visit the Great Wall of China
  21. visit the Grand Canyon
  22. go to Australia
  23. visit Buckingham Palace
  24. go to Venice
  25. visit the Anne Frank House



  1. go skydiving
  2. ride in a seaplane (and land on water of course)
  3. jump off a waterfall
  4. hike to the Hollywood sign
  5. ride in a submarine
  6. go parasailing
  7. ride in a hot air balloon
  8. ride an elephant
  9. go on a safari
  10. swim with sharks
  11. scuba-dive around a coral reef
  12. meet Chip & Joanna Gaines
  13. go to a rodeo
  14. take my future kids to Disney World or Land
  15. hold a monkey
  16. stay in a overwater bungalow
  17. swim in a hot spring
  18. do a polar plunge



  1. own and run a farm
  2. own a horse
  3. develop a business
  4. buy a car
  5. develop a successful blog
  6. own a house/apartment
  7. develop a clothing line
  8. make a wedding cake
  9. live in the Upper East Side
  10. sell my art
  11. flip a house and sell it
  12. be in a movie


Don’t get me wrong, I have lived; I have swam with manatees, kissed a dolphin, sailed solo, been to Vegas, seen the Rocky Mountains, etc. This doesn’t mean theres not more to do. Each and every one of these things requires some sort of challenge and some more than others. I created this list because I am trying to focus on an outlook of living life to the fullest. We only have one life and never know if it well end tomorrow or in 75 years; but we do know that these things are opportunities to be conquered to say we have LIVED.

Hope you enjoyed it!,




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