How to spend your alone time & destress

Being an introvert, there is absolutely no other part of the day that I value more than my alone time. I am just a person that would rather be alone and relax than be around a bunch of people. The only exception to this is that my dog probably is with me during my ‘alone time’ but other than that I prefer to completely disconnect myself from humanity; here’s how I do it.

Option 1: Take a walk


There is just something so soothing to me about taking a quiet walk on a beautiful nature trail. This kind of makes you stop and appreciate nature and disconnect from the hustle and bustle for a little bit.


Option 2: Face Mask


picture credit: dermstore | L’Oréal mask

I loooove doing a face mask to calm myself and destress. I usually will get my face masks at target or anywhere else I spot them. I especially love the L’Oréal jars of clay masks because you get multiple uses out of it.


Option 3: Watch a movie or your fav TV show


When i’m stressed I like to watch something funny and uplifting like Ellen’s Game of Games show. I especially like this because it just makes you crack up and forget about everything.


Option 4: take a nap

If you have had a long, non-stop day then girl you deserve to take a nap if you please. A lot of times when I have an awful migraine I will lay down and doze off for an hour or two; ’cause I mean you can’t be in pain when you’re asleep sooo.

Option 5: take a shower or bath


Taking a hot shower is my favorite thing to do in the Winter and also to just relax. I feel so refreshed after taking a shower or even a bath. A bath with your favorite LUSH bath bomb or maybe some bubble bath is the perfect end to a stressful day.


Option 6: Watch YouTube


It’s amazing how many things you can come across just browsing YouTube video after Youtube video. I could honestly start watching videos and then find myself hours later down a chain of them. Youtube is another good thing to keep your mind off things and see so many different things you never knew were out there.

Option 7: Doodle


If you are a creative or artistic person, then you might find yourself doodling in class or just doing it for fun; which is not a bad thing. I don’t really know how to describe this one but it is just a fun activity to help you lighten up a little.


Option 8: Take a drive


It might just be me because I haven’t had my license very long, but I love taking a drive to destress. Sometimes driving can even be stressful in itself but I enjoy doing it. The best drives are on secluded country roads (during the day of course) and getting a different look at nature.


Option 9: look through old photos


Sometimes it can help to look through pictures of times you were happy or having the best time of your life. It can even make you lighten up to see baby/childhood photos and remind yourself of happy times.


Option 10: play games


These days you can either play games with people or play them alone on your phone. I am mostly a person that doesn’t like to play games on my phone and likes…the old fashion way I guess. Playing board games requires you to socialize and not have alone time, but it can be a way to set distractions aside and have fun together.


You can do one of these things or all of them to lower stress or spend your alone time. If I have time I do them all, and trust me they work.


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