Target favorites

I feel like Target is a favorite destination for all those women out there looking for the next cutest thing. I am a personal Target lover/addict in my free time. I honestly think that they just know my style for anything from bedding to stationary to home accents to furniture to everything else. It kills me to walk into Target without 1. browsing the latest home decor items or 2. leaving there without anything in my hand in general. Anyways, enough of that Target rant, let me show you what you really came here for. Without further a do I present to you my February favorites! Some of these things are brands that I love & some are just specific items

Project 62

For those who don’t know, Project 62 is a line at Target that they rejuvenate and highlight the beautiful elements of the mid-century modern era in the 60s. I am not one for a modern style, but they have done really well to make things that are more simple so many people can enjoy it, while also having bold and beautiful pieces for the avid mid-century mod style. You can look more into the specific items they have in this collection here, but I just wanted to bring this amazing collection to attention.

Hearth & Hand


If you know me you know me you know I’m slightly obsessed with Magnolia, Fixer Upper, and all that jazz. Talk about how excited I was when I heard that Magnolia was coming out with a line at Target. Now, this was right before Christmas (what a perfect time!) and they had the Christmas decor of your dreams. Not to mention Chip & Joanna have worked hard to make this line affordable for the everyday person, considering their Magnolia brand items can be a little pricey.

Shop Hearth & Hand with Magnolia

ClothingScreen Shot 2018-02-22 at 6.07.43 PM

Not only do I live for all the wonderful home accents at Target, I also adore their clothes. The newest clothing line they have is called “Universal Thread” and it is just so dang cute. I believe that it focuses on denim and more rustic/simplistic items (which happens to be my style). In my opinion, Target is known for having the cutest new swimsuits every year, & lemme tell you I was just there yesterday; lets just say you better get on them before they’re sold out. If you’re looking to update your swim collection, they have a new BOGO 50% off sale for swim (online only) valid through 2/24/18!!

P.S. if you browse the women’s clearance section you are prone to find an awesome deal on something that was probably full price the week before. It surprises me how fast things I will see on display one day and then back in clearance the next day; even when they are still wearable for the season!

Shop Target Swim  |  Some of my favorites are pictured above^^

Shop Target Clearance

da Bomb

I know I’m not the only one who thinks Target is “da bomb”, but that’s not the point here. Point being: How cute are these bath bombs?!?! I have walked past them all the time then finally one day decided I wanted a bath bomb. I read more into them after I bought one and they were created by two sisters when they were only 10 & 11 years old! I think this company is so cute and the creative titles/company name just add to the greatness!! I got the one called “love bomb” and I won’t spoil the “surprise inside” for you but I think it was the coolest bath bomb experience i’ve ever had. For all you guys out there: get your girl the love bomb cause she will thoroughly enjoy it for only $5.

Shop da bomb products at Target


By no means am I having a baby anytime soon but I cannot help but notice the adorable little baby clothes at Target as I walk by every time. Now I get it that all baby clothes are cute & that you can get them in almost any department store, BUT I think Target carries the cutest, most up to style, & inexpensive baby clothing. I figured I’d just put that out there because when I do have a child in like 10-15 years, imma be shopping at Target for him/her. The same goes for children clothes because they might as well be mini versions of the Juniors clothes they’re so lovely.

Shop Target baby items


Last but not least, I want to highlight the furniture Target offers. They carry anything from ottomans to giant desks (and at a reasonable cost too). Specifically, I’ve had my eye on this pink velvet trend in Project 62, which has this cute stool and chair pictured above. I have also seen gingham patterned items like stools, or if you like a more simple style there are plain wood benches. Honestly, you could find so many different things (They even sell couches!). Not to mention they have a promotion going to get free shipping off $35 or more, which you would most likely spend on furniture.

Shop Target Furniture

Okay, I hope you got a good dose of what Target has to offer, or maybe you’re just sick of seeing it. Either way, I hope you enjoyed my outlook on all the things you can get at Target & what is even specific to there. What is your favorite thing/brand at Target??


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