lessons I’ve learned in 16 years

Year by year, we gather different lessons in our mind & learn from our mistakes. I know better than anyone that it is hard to learn things the hard way, but what comes out of it is the most important part. I still have many more life lessons to hit me but for now I can gather together the major things I need to always remember & share them with you guys!!

1. know your worth

2. don’t be too hard on yourself

3. be the only measure of your success

4. be proud of the little things

5. always double check

6. trust your gut

7. value animals, they are precious blessings

8. don’t waste moments doing something you don’t enjoy

9. when your health is knocked down, let it make you stronger

10. don’t compromise on your dreams

11. be more carefree

12. you have enough things

13. think about the people who are going through worse than you

14. do things that make you happy

15. travel far and often

16. take in nature’s beauty and appreciate it

17. everyone is a different size

18. nobody’s perfect

19. don’t maintain harmful/toxic relationships

20. give back all you can

21. help other people to the best of your ability

22. don’t let change shape who you become

23. but be open to shaping to change

24. give your best at all times

25. don’t let go of your values

These are honestly only a portion of the things I want to live by but these are the first things that come to mind. I am not very wise, I am only 16, but I do know I am mature for my age because of my experiences. All we learn in life comes from experience & I have learned and learned more about life through the obstacles it’s thrown in my face.


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