Mother’s day Gift Ideas

The time is approaching ladies and gents…do I say ladies and gents a lot, i’m sorry I don’t want to assume it’s only ladies on here..which it probably is. Any-who, Mother’s day is approaching in 23 short days and we all know you’ve been putting off planning out a gift for this, but i’ve got ya covered. Whether you want to do a DIY gift or go out and put something quick together: you have come to the right place!

Mod Podge Letters

What you need:

  • Large Wood letters (whatever size you prefer as long as they are big enough to show pictures)
  • paint color of your choice that will stick to wood
  • printer paper and a printer
  • access to old photos
  • mod podge
  • flat foam brushes

This is something I actually made for my mom one year and my sisters and I each did the first letters of our names. How it works is you get big wooden letters from your local craft store, obviously any letter that means something to you or her (e.g. the first letter of your last name or the first letter of your first name, etc. ). Then, you print out various pictures of your choice in black and white on regular printer paper sized to fit on the letter you have. You will cut them to fit where they will go and then “mod podge” them on. If you are not familiar with mod podge I would suggest researching how it works but it is pretty simple to use. I especially like that ours have held up for at least three years now with no signs of wear!

Gift Baskets

Here is a pro tip for really any gift if you’re not the crafty type but want a “wow!” gift. First of all, for things like mother’s day gifts an excellent thing to give is personal items. It makes it more personal to give a picture frame with a childhood picture of you two in it than giving her a gift card to target to buy herself something because you didn’t know what to get her. When putting together gift baskets, you want to go with a theme: it could be something like spa day, movie night, gadgets for their hobby, home decor, or ANYTHING. People are really “wowed” when it is cohesive and they think you put in more thought than you did. When you think of a mother you think that she has really done a lot for you and is probably exhausted from working, so who wouldn’t like spa stuff?? Get her some bath bombs, a face mask, maybe a massage gift certificate, something out of the makeup section, or even throw in a picture frame with a picture of you two like I said to really blow her socks off. Throw all of this in a little bin off off the dollar aisle or a little basket from somewhere else, it really doesn’t matter!

Edible Gifts

If you have baking skills, use them! Trust me anyone who can’t bake appreciates a good cupcake every once in awhile. Not only that, you can send edible arrangements which are probably having sales i’m sure. You can also just offer to make her a meal which i’m sure she would accept as a good enough gift. Ever heard of breakfast in bed people?

You’ve got mail

Some of you might not live within driving distance of your mother’s this coming mother’s day and are wondering: how can I knock this out of the park through the mail?!? Well I have many answers to that because incase y’all haven’t noticed it is 2018 and anything is possible. First of all, there are these flowers you can send that they say will last a year and YOU DON’T HAVE TO WATER THEM. Yeah, you read that right I have no idea what kind of sorcery they have goin’ on but I need some of those. You can also arrange a delivery of just simple. real. flowers. like the old fashioned way. Trust me my dad is a pilot and my mom has gotten plenty of those on past Valentines days. Another pro tip to make your gift feel less ‘typical’ is to make a dang homemade card. I cannot stress enough how much of a waste of money cards are because they have absolutely no meaning when all you did was sign your dang name.


  • put thought into your gift, don’t do the same thing every year
  • Use pinterest it is the holy ground for creativity

  • Add personal touches that cant be found anywhere else
  • try to incorporate things she likes/her personality
  • don’t procrastinate and wait til last minute

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